Schools and Classes

The Counselors & Students The program is presently working at three high schools, and will expand to four in February, 2014.  It operates under the supervision of  grade level coordinators at each school.

Each year a new group of 10th grade students joins the program. The size of the new group depends on the number of mentors who have volunteered to participate.  Once a school has been in the program for 3 years, there are about 150 students in three groups of approximately 50 students at each grade level active at each school.

The Communities & Schools   The  small cities that make up the Montebello Unified School District each  have a strong sense of community.  Many current residents grew up and went to school in the district, and still take part in the affairs of their community.  In fact, nearly 50% of the teachers in the schools are themselves graduates on one of the high schools.

Schurr High School is made up of a group of attractive and well maintained 2 & 3 story buildings on a large, comfortable campus in a neighborhood of attractive middle-class homes.  A student population of almost 3400 students takes part in a comprehensive program which includes academics, the arts, sports, and all manner of voluntary activities.  All students are expected to take an A-G academic program that can qualify them for entrance to the University of California.   Even on weekends, the campus is busy with various organized service and school related activities.  The student population is largely Hispanic (83%), with Asian students making up the next group in size (13%).   Small groups of white students (3%), and a few African Americans, and Native American  are also part of the student body.  An economic indicator of the school community is the fact that 43% of the student body qualifies for either the free or reduced cost lunch program.


Bell Gardens High School is located in the center of an urban-industrial community of small homes.  The campus is large, the buildings are roomy and well cared for, students and faculties are very positive about their school.  The student population of 3400 is predominantly Hispanic, with a small number of Asian, African-American, Filipino, Pacific Islanders and Native Americans.  Over 80% of the students qualify for free or reduced lunches.   All students are expected to take an A-G academic program that meets the requirements for entrance to the University of California.  In addition to the academic program, the school offers a full range of sports, clubs and service programs.  The campus is always busy after school and on Saturdays, accommodating  student’s interests.


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