About the Participants

College Bound Today works hard to a develop a community among students, mentors, parents and the Montebello Unified School District in order to best support the program’s goals. Working through the college counselor, students are invited to submit written applications seeking admission to he program.  All students must take the PSAT before submitting an application, and be enrolled in courses that are approved for admission to the University of California and the California State University System.  Parents are informed about the program and asked to provide a written release that allows mentors to have access to student transcripts and  to visit colleges and universities in the Los Angeles area in District buses.

The number of students who join the program is limited by the ability of the project to recruit sufficient volunteer mentors.  So far, each new student group numbers about 48. Students are assigned to work with 6-8 peers and 2-3 mentors in teams that stay together for five semesters.  So far, we have had only about 10% student attrition, mainly due to moving, job or activity conflicts, or lack of motivation.

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