In February 2009, the initial group of 10 mentor teams started working with the 74 tenth grade students at Schurr HS and their parents. The students were selected by Mr. Castillo, the college counselor, to participate in the program based upon the grades they received in their first 3 semesters, their PSAT scores and letters of recommendation from either teachers or counselors.  Students were required to submit written applications, with parent signatures to make it clear that this program would be given high priority by each family.

Bell Gardens High School, the second of three comprehensive high schools in the school district, joined the program in February, 2010, with 28 mentors and 65 students, Montebello High School  joined the program in February, 2012.  The Applied Technology Center will join in the Spring semester, 2014.

Each high school adds a new 10th grade group to the program, so that when the program is fully operational, there will be  3 cycles at each high school.

Since the program started  in February, 2009, 263 students have graduated, and completed the program  at  the three participating high schools.  Of that number, 100 have been admitted to University of California campuses, 76 have been admitted to California State University campuses, 2 to other public universities, 45 to private colleges, 38 to community colleges, and 2 to other post secondary programs.

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