College Bound Today has worked hard to develop a separate component of the College Bound Today program designed for the parents of our students. Before finalizing its program design, it conducted three focus groups of parents on the Schurr HS campus. After listening to CEP representatives describe the proposed design of the college access program, the parents in each focus group were asked to provide their feedback. We learned from these parent focus groups that parents would place a high value on a college access program that could bring them together with other parents who are going through the college application process with their own children.

There is at least one parents’ meeting each semester.  All parents are invited to accompany their children to the first program meeting.  The mentors and their students walk to their assigned classrooms, where their meetings take place.  At the same time, the parents walk to their own meetings.  The meeting is conducted in English and Spanish (translators are provided by the District.)  The purpose of these meetings is for the parents to learn what is planned for the upcoming semester, what tasks their children will be expected to perform with their mentors, and what the parents can do to support their children’s program activities during the semester.

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