Mentor Duties and Responsibilities

Mentors with student

Mentors in the College Bound Today program are expected to assist their assigned students by reminding them to select appropriate courses (e.g., courses that will satisfy the University of California’s A-G requirements, courses that will be perceived by most 4-year colleges as sufficiently challenging to the individual student, etc.), encouraging them to prepare for and take the PSAT, SAT and/or ACT tests, accompanying them on visits to colleges and universities in the area, helping them understand the financial aid application process, and helping them prepare competitive college applications and essays. Mentor teams are expected to meet with their students 3-4 times each semester.

The program provides vital support to the over-burdened college counseling resources that are currently available in MUSD’s public high schools. By working to supplement those college counseling resources, we hope to significantly increase the number of MUSD high school graduates who will attend four-year colleges.

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